393 On View: Braw Haus Presents "NYC Spring Blossom"

393 On View: Braw Haus Presents "NYC Spring Blossom"


The event celebrates spring awakening through an immersive 360° experience, incorporating digital, visual and sensory facets. Spring is the season of new beginnings: extended daylight, rising temperatures, along with the rebirth of flora and fauna. The earth seems to come to life again. Meanwhile, love, hope, youth, and growth are frequently seen as symbolic of the spring season.

Celebrating the spring awakening through a portrait of the feminine figure. Her movement, her touches, her intention and her nonverbal communication. We believe that everyone could benefit from an emotional revival after a long cold winter. It is a reminder that spring is right around the corner and is eager to embrace everyone with novelty. We truly believe that the audience will feel unconditional love and infinite hope through this project, finding relief of their own.

+ Installation: A spring-like breeze generated along with Alexia Mavroleon real flowers, vacuum formed and sealed in plastic.

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